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Current Positions

HCLN @ 19.05

Thesis: Bought this soon after it was first listed, I’m bullish on clean energy as a sector over the coming years, and felt the HCLN ETF would give me good exposure to a lot of the top companies in the sector without having to do deep analysis on any of them. Admittedly, I feel as though I should have looked further into the holdings and realized that most of the heaviest weighted positions were up 100-300% in the past year, and that the ETF was likely overvalued.

I will likely average down this position in the future, as I think there is still a ton of potential as we move towards a society less reliant on fossil fuels. I also feel as though the governments in the US and Canada are aligned with the missions of many of these companies, and therefore I have high hopes for this sector over the next 4 years.

PLTR @ 21.50

I’ve managed to time Palantir quite well with my buys and sells. I bought in at an average price of $10.86, sold half at $28.30, rebought at $23.40, then sold 75% of my holdings at $42.75, then rebought again at $20.64.

Thesis: I see what Palantir can do for large business and government as an absolute gamechanger, and feel that the moat they’ve built is strong as long as they remain the top company in the industry. The question will be how they can scale beyond just the massive government and Fortune 500 contracts, to justify their current valuation.

BB @ 16.50

Thesis: This remains in my portfolio mainly as a reminder to stick to an exit plan once I’ve made one, and to not get greedy. I entered the Blackberry position at $14 when the wallstreetbets GME squeeze was fervent. The concept was that as GME investors exited their positions, they would look at other trending tickers in the subreddit to parlay their new gains into. Blackberry seemed poised as one of the more legitimate businesses being discussed - a large portfolio of IP and patents that could potentially be sold, deals with major car brands to produce in-car software, and rumours of partnerships with Amazon to help with their self-driving car projects.

The exit plan was simple - once I felt that the stock had increased an adequate amount, I would sell. I planned to not hold any longer than a few days, this was a short term play based on hype and media attention. Unfortunately, I fell victim to this same hype and greed. In just two days, the stock had doubled in value to $28 a share, and I contemplated locking in my 100% gains. But I had watched as GME had continued to rise higher and higher, and felt that I could wait for more. Unfortunately, this was where the hype fizzled out for Blackberry, and I’ve gone from being up 100% on my position, to being down close to 50%. I’m still hopeful for the company in the future, but will consider liquidating the position if better opportunities arise.

MMED @ 2.90 & CYBN @ 0.74

BABA @206.50

Thesis: I believe that Alibaba is currently oversold, and purchased the stock

Closed Positions

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